The Mosher House

913 NW. 3rd Street

The Mosher House

Built in 1886

Donald Hedden 1

Donald Hedden

The Queen Anne style home Theo Mosher built in 1886 on what was then Grand Avenue was pictured in A Gem, The City of the Plains, Abilene, published the next year as a “concise and reliable book or reference” about the city.  The home reflected the highly decorated American architecture preferred by wealthy businessmen during the late 19th century.  Mosher was a cashier at the First National Bank.

The house was modernized in the 1920’s and converted into apartments in the 1940’s.  During the 1980’s, Don and Diana McBride reconstructed much of the interior trim when they restored the home to a single family dwelling.

913 NW 3rd #1

This Queen Anne home reflects the highly decorated architecture preferred by the wealthy in the 1880’s.

913 NW 3rd #2

The front door features a side light.

Original to the home are the stained glass window in the entryway, the hardwood floors and the living room’s bay window.  French doors replaced the missing sliding pocket doors that separated the library and living room.

The second level holds three bedrooms and a sitting room connected to the master bedroom by French doors.

The present owners, Don and Janet Hedden, enjoy the four-and-a-half-foot clawfoot bathtub on a raised platform that was installed when the back staircase was restored.


Originally published in Historic Homes of Abilene, The Heritage Homes Association, written by Cecilia Harris, photos by Bob Paull, 1994.

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