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The “Plains Trader Chronicle” is precisely what is says — it is a collection of profiles of businesses (historic and present) that fanned out over the Great Plains.  It chronicles the growth and development of our communities at the basic building block level — businesses and the people to built them.  Articles will focus on entrepreneurs, commercial buildings, events, associations, and companies to piece together the historical tapestry of our plains communities.  There has been plenty written on the titans of business and commerce.  This blog focuses on those who remained modest in their endeavors, yet were important to the local business community vitality.

Since I have a passion for the history of Abilene, Kansas, the blog will initially focus on businesses in Abilene, Kansas.  However, as you will find, the subjects of the articles were by no means sedentary.  Their stories impacted communities throughout the great plains and other parts of the country.  This body of work will share gold nuggets of history about hundreds of communities and chronicle the lives of hundreds of people who have thousands of descendants surfing the internet today.  It is my hope that through a search, someone will find the Plains Trader Chronicle and learn part of their family history.

As a research note, each of these blog entries has a file of citations to documents of the past.  If you have a need for source citations, I will be glad to share.

Learn about how the Plains Trader Chronicle came to be at this KCLY “Up Close” radio show.  UP CLOSE.



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