These people help build our communities.  Enjoy their stories and learn from their past.

Anderson, George Clay (1856-1930), Abstractor and Insurance Agent

Armitage, Joseph Gerald (1836-1900), Merchant and Missionary

Attwood, Dr. Charles Frederick (1882-1945), Physician and Surgeon

Bearce, Franklin Bradford (1847-1906) – Clothing, Shoes, and Home Furnishing Merchant

Broughton, William Henry (1866-1954), Musical Instrument Merchant

Darling, Theodore Arthur (1890-1971), Tire Man

Dentzer, Oscar Allen (1875-1940), Grocer

Hildinger, Martin Thomas (1862-1932), Merchant and Real Estate

Holland, James Clinton (1853-1919), Architect

Jeffcoat, Amasa (1843-1934), Liveryman

Lenze, Albert (1853-1918), Cigar Maker

Pinkham, Charles Hubert (1843-1915), Dry Goods and Clothing Merchant

Shadinger, Charles Edgar “Ed” (1868-1941), The Newsman and Printer

Shaler, Charles Christian (1852-1926), Druggist

Whitlaw, Francis M. (1852-1908), Grocer