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Beyond the Dates and Places

At PTC Research Services, we go beyond the dates and places to develop a fuller picture of the lives your ancestors led.  We strive to feed the natural curiosity regarding where we came from.  With over 25 years of experience, you are assured a detailed, cited, informative, and engaging product from PTC Research Services.

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What we do?

  • Genealogical research, organization, and presentation;
  • Building and business histories;
  • Documentation, digitizing, and storage of data and documents;
  • Family reunion planning;
  • Obituary and biography writing;
  • National Register of Historic Places nominations; and
  • Historic Preservation Tax Credit and Grant applications.
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Individual Reporting

Why hire PTC Research Services? 

  • Expertise in researching and documentation of historical figures and events;
  • You don’t have time to get organized, enter data, or do research;
  • You would like digital copies and indexes of documents, pictures, and images of your family and community;
  • Organizing and supplementation of your existing research;
  • You would like to turn your next family reunion into an unforgettable and informative experience; and
  • You need assistance in making applications for historic preservation programs.
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Image Index

What do we deliver?

  • Reports, articles, and presentations;
  • Citations and copies of source documents;
  • Indexed digital files of pictures, documents, and records;
  • Spreadsheets, databases, gedcoms, and other research organization tools;
  • Hard copies of research documents;
  • Family event planning, itineraries, field trips, photo sessions, and articles; and
  • In person presentation of findings.

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